Below you see six samples of some of our favorite open source design templates. Click on each image to see a full-page view of the template. These pages are just for demonstration purposes; when you choose to use one of these templates for your site you have the option of changing any of the text, images, or colors in any way that suits your needs. We have an incredible selection of over 2000 templates for you to choose.

Acid Lemon Template City in Paint Template Spring Bloom Template Dark Effect Template
MotherEarth Template Flowered Template World Music Collection Garments

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Tired of seeing the same old web page? Want a design that's fresh, new, and unique? Traditional web design companies don't offer the kind of creativity you're looking for and the high-priced design companies are not affordable.

But... we offer an innovative alternative that gives you the best of both worlds (creativity and affordability): Open Source Templates. Open source web design is a community of developers who make great original designs and share them... for free! When you choose a website design that is closely based on one of our open source templates you get world class design in half the time. Also, you have the option to browse all the designs in our database before we begin building your site so you know the result will be exactly as you planned it.

"World class design at ordinary prices... So what's the catch?" There's no catch. The only requirement is that the page should include a small link at the bottom giving credit to the original designer of the template.

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